what is lesbian cinema? live drawing show

To coincide with the launch of the The Book of Gabrielle feature film, there will be an accompanying live drawing show: "What (the fuck) is Lesbian Cinema?"

The show is an irreverent but also passionate look at cinema particularly the world of niche lesbian cinema. Using hands on visceral, immediate pen, paper and watercolour,  I want to explore alongside the audience where the desires of lesbian film are at right now alongside the politics, the money and the whole passions that are aroused around it.

The drawing shows can exists alongside The Book of Gabrielle or play alone with the film. They can also introduce other lesbian films or even..non lesbian films. 

Shows coming up:

Introduction to The Book of Gabrielle inaugural transmedia launch

Barbican Cinema 2, Beech Street, London EC2Y 8AE Thursday 29th June 2017 at 6.30pm

barbican ticket/information The Book of Gabrielle

To date the show has been performed at:

The Barbican Cinema London Saturday 13th May 2017

As a 20 minute live drawing show introduction to Bound,the directorial debut of the Wachowski sisters. 

Pink Apple Film Festival Zurich Monday 1st May 2017 - a 40 minute show exploring the lesbian film niche.

The International Women's Film Festival of Dortmund/Cologne on Saturday 8th April 2017 - a 20 minute show about the lesbian film niche specifically related to Germany and included the start of something special: Angela und Theresa - a new lesbian classic.

Here is a taste of the show in Dortmund - a brexit tale of Angela and Theresa