Valiant Doll

Valiant Doll was set up by Lisa Gornick in order to make microbudget feature films. After the production of two features, Do I Love You? and Tick Tock Lullaby, we are now embarking on our first cross platform production, The Book of Gabrielle.

Do I Love You? is a wry comedy about love and its labels. It's genesis was perhaps the question by Lisa Gornick to herself of - why am I a lesbian? The thoughts from that question evolve into dialogues and these became the bedrock of the film.

Tick Tock Lullaby is a poignant comedy about the dilemma of whether to have a baby or not. Trying to unearth the identity of becoming a mother and what that might mean. Again questions produce dialogues that form the feature film.

The Book of Gabrielle is a cross platform production encompassing a feature film, a book, live drawing performances, a series of web films and an exhibition. 

Film Reviews:

4 star review The Times: "Do I Love You? is a beautifully shot story that addresses the fears and anxieties that affect us all" Anita James

Curve Magazine: "Do I Love You? is surely one of the two or three best lesbian films ever made. You heard me the best ever...innovative, witty and unexepected comedy". Diane Anderson-Minshall

4 stars review Now Toronto: "Gornick is what would have happened if a young Woody Allen had grown up in the body of a cute British Lesbian"

Time Out London: "Lisa Gornick's second film Tick Tock Lullaby confirms her as a major London talent" Hannah Kane