drawing performances

The drawing shows are part of the transmedia project of The Book of Gabrielle.

They sit independently as live drawing shows in themselves but there are cross over themes and ideas. The uniting thing is the act of drawing. 

The theme and title is "What (the fuck) is lesbian film?"

The first one took place at International Women's Film Festival Dortmund|Cologne on 8th April 2017 - here is a small section about Angela Merkel and Theresa May:

The next performance was the one hour version at The Pink Apple Festival in Zurich on Monday 1st May 2017.

A special 20 minute live drawing show will take place on Saturday May 13th 2017 at 4pm to introduce the feature Bound at the Barbican Cinema in a film series about the Battle for Representation.

Please go to the Barbican Cinema's website here to get tickets and information here

On Thursday 29th June 2017 at 6.30pm The Barbican Cinema London are showing the feature film, The Book of Gabrielle with a live drawing show introduction and in the bar afterwards, there will be the first book launch of the book by Gabrielle, "How to do it"

Please come and take part in the world transmedia launch of The Book of Gabrielle tickets and information here