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UK review - an objective view on the film 

Interview with Filmdoo talking about film and the cross platform production 

Reviews of The Book of Gabrielle from the UK and Germany

It is internal viewing with charm and quirkiness that manages to lessen the weight of such heavy themes, with a much needed seasoning of humour – making it not only easier to swallow but a joy.

Vulture Hound

The lesbian answer to Woody Allen, a highly amusing film about the art of storytelling, in words, in pictures, in fantasies


What a wonderful contrast to the usual depiction of sexuality in mainstream media. Using a an intelligent comic tone, it handles loaded themes in a way that is incredibly mature and entertaining from start to finish.


In the film, Lisa Gornick does not simply draw some wonderful drawings, she also accompanies her film to festivals and cinemas where she performs live drawing events and seeing Lisa Gornick live, that is truly an amazing experience. 


The portrait of a strong talented woman, who loves giving free rein to her feelings and which shows that it’s not only the young who can discover eroticism and passion

MISSY Magazine



Allan Corduner, Lisa Gornick, Anna Koval, Ruth Lass, Joni Kamen

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