Lisa Gornick Regrets

A new live drawing show commissioned by UCL Art Museum, London. To be launced at The Camden Fringe, London 2017. An artistic and academic investigation into choice and its chaos.

Background to making this show

At times, I have been a compulsive regretter, a dweller on the past. In moments of depression, I go to the choices I made and go over and over how badly I did. This happened really intensely around the time of my mother getting very ill and subsequently dying.

At the same time, I got a commission at the UCL Art Museum to make a live drawing show based on the collection. When asked what would I do it on, I proffered in the midst of gloom: regret. They liked it.

I was offered not just the work in the museum to explore but to go further afield into the whole university. This is very intriguing. Exploring the world of the university is also a way to get close to my recently departed mother, who, I think found the language of academia an inspiring release from I want to suggest her tendency to regret. (Is it a familial trait?)

I want to begin the quest by engaging with university academics who’s work is someway related either to regret or to drawing or both. I hope to gain a more rounded view of the expression and notion of regret. To uncover how other people experience it and begin to explore why I have spent so much of my life doing it. And if finally now, I might stop it.

The show aims to look at the mental state of regret - its link to depression, health and neuroscience. I also want to investigate from a cultural outlook how it is expressed in art, music and language. Is there a cultural system of regret that also effects whole societies and countries - what happens when we all regret together. But is it a good thing...what happens if you don't regret.

This show is in development right now and will be launched at the Camden Fringe on 15th and 16th August 2017. Please feel free to get in touch for more information and to be kept in touch with.