The Book of Gabrielle is a cross platform production around a feature film.

The feature film is about writing and drawing and sex. 

It is accompanied by a live drawing show called, What the fuck is lesbian cinema? and a book How to do it.

Peccadillo Pictures distributes the feature film in the UK.

In Germany Pro Fun distributes it. Here is a link to their page with information on screenings in Germany and Austria.

Here is a link to an interview on filmdoo where I go through my ideas for the film and the cross platform production

The film, live show and book launch are taking place at the following events:

JW3, London, Tuesday 12th September tickets and information

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Saturday 23rd September tickets and information

Bologna, Saturday 23rd September tickets and information coming soon

Florence Queer Film Festival, Friday 29th September tickets and information

Iris Festival, Cardiff, Wednesday 11th October, tickets and information

Northampton, Saturday 21st October - ticket information coming soon

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Sunday 29th October - ticket information coming soon

Lisa Gornick and Allan Corduner