The Book of Gabrielle is dramedy about an intimate, yet platonic, relationship that develops between a female graphic artist and an older male novelist.  

Gabrielle (Lisa Gornick) is lesbian while Saul (Allan Corduner) is straight and the two click when they meet at a book signing. 

Saul delights in Gabrielle’s description of her past affairs and her on-going relationship with her younger girlfriend, Olivia (Anna Koval) just as Gabrielle likes to explore masculinity through Saul. Does he help Gabrielle find her artistic voice. Or is he finding his? Can they remain friends?

The Book of Gabrielle is a film for anyone intrigued to explore gender and patriarchy alongside some exquisite drawings, a beautiful music score and some lush performance.

2017 The film won Best Feature Film Jury Award and also Best Feature Film Audience Award at Bologna Lesbian Film Festival.

The film has a wonderful cast which includes Allan Corduner who plays Saul. Allan has acted in many feature films including Disobedience, Florence Foster Jenkins, Woman in Gold, Topsy Turvy, Defiance and lots of TV including Homeland and Utopia. Anna Koval who plays Olivia and has also been in lots of TV including The A word, Ripper Street, Critical and Misfits.

Peccadillo Pictures distributes the feature film in the UK.

In Germany Pro Fun distributes it.

Lisa Gornick and Allan Corduner