The Book of Gabrielle was conceived as a multi platform production. It centres around a book that Gabrielle is making about sex. She's trying to discover what sex is for her. She doesn't really know still/yet but she wants to. She loves/hates the way certain men write/draw sex and she meets one of them Saul Bernard. He's a little dried up in his ideas and feels inspired by her. So a tussle of friendship ensues as Gabrielle tries to write her book.

As a person intrigued by film, live performance and drawing - I wanted to combine it all in one project. I really like hybrid stuff and this is aiming to be that. The film is made first, it felt like the largest thing to do and get on its way. Now the other elements can flower around it - the actual book, an evolving live drawing show and a web series. 

So it starts this year:

The Book of Gabrielle will have its world transmedia launch at The Barbican Cinema on Thursday June 29th at 6.30pm. A live drawing show introduction will precede the feature film which will be followed by the launch of the actual book of gabrielle i.e. me, "how to do it"

This will be the first time all the elements are presented in a live way. Come along and see how it goes.

For tickets press here

This commences the start of the UK tour of the film with Peccadillo Pictures and its attendant elements. Come back (or email me to put you some personal list) to find out where it will be travelling to in the UK.

The film is launching in the Bay at Frameline San Francisco on June 22nd at 9.30pm at the Roxie Cinema. Get your tickets here

The film is being distributed in Germany by Pro Fun 

Here is a link to their page with information on screenings in Germany and Austria.

It will be screened in Cologne on 5th July at Film Forum get tickets here

Lisa Gornick and Anna Koval