Do I Love You?

Do I Love You? is my first feature film.

I wanted to explore what it felt like be a lesbian - it's working title might have been why am I a lesbian? The rise of the no budget dv feature film alongside the collaboration of friends and new friends helped make this film. I owe it to these people. 

Set in London and shot in the first person, this is a vibrant exploration of love, life and its labels. 

It found its way to be in this list: BFI Ten Greatest Lesbian Films

On March 5th 2017 at 2pm it will have a screening at JW3 London please come and meet cast/crew and hang out afterwards in the bar.

Here is a scene from the film, where my fictional dad played by Brendan Gregory, asks me, what do lesbians actually do? What do you think I said. 

 and here is the trailer for the film: